Leaking Shower?

Leaking ShowerWith 30 years experience in the bathroom and kitchen industry one of the most ‘niggling’complaints that continually come up is ‘my shower is leaking, can you fix it?’

The answer is YES we can

There are several options available to homeowners:

1) Re-install new tiles with the proper ‘backing’ and installation techniques. Tiled enclosures are still the most popular way of creating a shower with the size of tiles getting larger there are fewer grout lines inside the shower to maintain. (the grout gets ‘mouldy’ through time and is very unsightly and unhygienic)

If installed properly a tiled shower will give a long ‘leakproof’ life

2) Install fibreglass ‘pods’ that are self-contained shower or Leakproof Shower units.

Fibreglass pods are the most efficient

– Low maintenance,
– No groutlines,
– Stay White,
– Relatively easy installation,
– Some coloured options to match decor.

These pods are made in moulds from fibreglass and gelcoat finishes to standard sizes They eliminate the problem of a joint or seal ‘opening’through time which causes the leak.

3) Laminated panels to replace tiling.

Laminated panels can offer a fantastic range of colours to help shower enclosures ‘blend in’ with the decor. They still require a ‘joint’ where it meets the tray and in the corner of the panels.this joint is filled with silicone and if done properly can offer a 10-15 year warranty from the supplier.

All the above have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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